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Mini Website
Instructions and Payment Options


Pioneer Arts Club is now offering all members the opportunity to have your own mini-website, hosted by Pioneer Arts. The cost is $45 per year, with a one-time set-up fee of $40. 

1. Make your payment of $85 through paypal, or by sending a check to Pioneer Arts Club, P.O. Box 674, Grass Valley CA 95945

2. Upload 20-40 high quality images of your art, your artist bio, and a picture of yourself onto a flash drive, CD, or DVD.

3. Decide how many pages you would like to have on your website (you can have up to 5), and how you want them to be labeled and your website organized (see example). A good way to do this is on paper - get 5 pieces of paper, label the first one HOME (this will be your starting page). On this page you will decide what people see first and what pages will "link" from it. Sketch out what will be on this page. For each "link", label another page with that title, and decide what information and pictures will go on each. The more detailed you can be with this step - including any text you would like - the faster the process of setting up your website will be.

4. Contact Louise Pryor to set up an appointment to choose a design and put together your website. This will take an hour or two, depending on how many pictures you have, and how many pages you want on your website.

Once your website is built and active, anyone will be able to view it on any browser, and it will show up in search engines. Each year you will have the opportunity to renew it for only $45. If you want new pictures or other updates to it, you can pay the $20 "mim website fix" fee, and send the webmaster the new pictures and text you would like added.
Using PayPal will expedite this process.
We encourage all members to use Paypal as the preferred method of payment, it is safe and will save countless hours of volunteer time and effort. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal.

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Mini Website Options